Cakes Caboodle - FAQs
How do I order? 
We take orders by phone,email or though our online custom form.  Just choose the option that is best for you!
Do you have a retail store so I can come by and purchase a cake on the spot?
No, Cakes Caboodle is an online cake shop and we only bake cakes as they are ordered. 
Do you ship cakes?
We have decided not to ship our cakes due to their fragility and the unknown once it leaves our hands.  However, delivery is available for an additional charge. 
Please Note: While it is generally not a problem for clients to transport smaller cakes, self-transporting any cake is at your own risk. Cakes Caboodle is not responsible for any damage that may occur to any client-transported cake once it has left our hands. 
Do you have cake tastings available?
No, we only bake to order, meaning we only bake when an order is submitted.

I need a cake tomorrow.  If you can do it, do you charge a rush fee?
Yes, we normally ask for at least one week's notice, so we do charge a fee of $20 for any custom cake or cupcake orders that give us less than 72 hours to fulfill if we have space available.
Is Cakes Caboodle currently hiring?
We are not currently hiring interns, volunteers, or staff at this time.
I just received a quote on an order, how long is this quote good for?
Once we quote a price for an order, that quote is good for 14 days. 
How much do you charge for deliveries?
Delivery charge is $2 per mile.  For more information, please click Delivery Charges.
Why do you not accept pick-ups?
We do not accept pick-ups because we are an online cake shoppe, and we do not have a store front.  If you choose not to have your order delivered, we meet at 2639 Hickory Grove Rd Acworth Ga 30101.

What type of payment do you take?
For your convenience, we take credit and debit cards through Paypal here on our site. Please note, we do not take eChecks through Paypal. You may choose to pay in full or pay a deposit at the time your order is placed.  We require the balance to be paid in full, online through Paypal, 7 days prior to delivery. 
How far in advance should I place an order? 
We take orders up to 2 months in advance.  If you need an order filled rather quickly, we do like to ask our customers for at least one week in advance. We do try our best to accommodate last minute requests, but cannot always guarantee our availability.  Because we bake to order, we do limit the amount of orders we take on to ensure our full attention to detail for every client we serve. 
Will my custom cake come in a box?
The majority of our custom cakes, because of height and size, will not come in a box.  If your order is a tiered cake, it will not come in a box, as we do not have boxes to fit tiered cakes. 
How does Cakes Caboodle determine serving sizes? 
We use Wilton's cake chart to determine the serving sizes of our cakes.  To view the chart or learn how to cut your cake in uniform slices, visit This slicing chart is very helpful in showing how to make your cake go farther since each guest will get the same sized slice, and no cake is wasted, which helps save money!

Do you require a deposit?
We do require a non refundable 50% deposit which must be paid at the time your order is placed.
What is the deposit for?
We only bake to order here at Cakes Caboodle, so we do not take on too many orders at once.  This way we are able to pay more attention to detail rather than just rushing through orders.  For this reason, we require a deposit to hold a spot on our calendar.  The deposit is due at the time an order is placed.
What is your policy on order changes & cancellations?
Order changes & cancellations may be made up to five business days prior to delivery/pick up.  Please remember that all deposits are non refundable.
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